09-09 Forum:  State House and Congressional District Candidates address environmental issues
  10-14 Forum:  Chippewa County Commission Candidates address local environmental issues
  11-17 John Campbell,  EUP Regional Planning and Development Commission, Director - Status of 
  Landfills in our Region.
  12-09 Joe Smith of MI Consolidated Gas - Energy Conservation and Home Winterization
  02-10 David Evers, Dir. of Whitefish Pt. Bird Observatory - Loons and Research at Seney Wildlife Refuge.
  03-10 Video "Raising Crane", Wetlands and Endangered Species issues,  with a crane in attendance.
  04-23 Earth Day Program: Wetlands are Wonderlands. Artwork by school children, video on water 
  quality, presentation on recycling, address by Dr. Pat Brown, LSSU Biology/Chemistry Dept Head, 
  followed by social hour with refreshments, with a request that everyone bring their own cup.
  05-12 Forest Service staff presentation on their new ecosystem management approach to forest management.
  09-01 New members program, entitled "What is the Sierra Club", including two slideshows: one about 
  Sierra Club Service Trips in general and one  from Mike Wagner's 1992 Sierra Club Service 
  Trip to the Maroon Bells Wilderness near Aspen,  CO.
  11-03 Dr. Tom Allan, LSSU Biology Professor - Endangered Species
  12-01 U.S. Forest Service - Recreational Opportunities in the Sault District of the Hiawatha National Forest.
  02-02 Mike Wagner - Cross Country Skiing
  03-02 Chuck Kruch - Wolves
  04-06 Michelle Ribant  - Drinking Water
  05-04 Mike Wagner - Hiking in Glacier National Park  - slide show
  09-07 Pete Reaman, Interim Dir. Whitefish Point Bird Observatory - Birds of Prey
  10-05 Candidates forum.
  12-07 Joanne Fleming, Environmental Realities in Sault, ONT - A Healthier Christmas, Socially, 
  Economically, and Environmentally
  02-01 Kent Gilges - Nature Conservancy Activities in the UP  -
  03-01 Ellsworth Harger - Bears
  03-31 Spring Show - TLG Booth
  04-05 Sustainable Community Workshop - presenters from LSSU and area experts
  04-21 Earth Day  Special  Event: -  TLG table at LSSU
  05-03 Russell  Beatty, USCG - Sea  Partners
  09-13 ChucK  Kruch - Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  10-11 Alison Horton, Mackinac Chapter of Sierra Club - Defending the Environment:  What We are 
  Up  Against
  11-01 Michele Malarney - Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
  12-06 Toby Rhue - Hiawatha National Forest
  02-07 Karel Rogers – Population Growth Issues
  03-13 Jack Cook - Reflections on the Natural World
  04-03 Jim  Hammill, DNR -  Wolf Recovery
  05-01 The Night Sky - Brian  Swimme
  09-01 Dr. Greg Zimmerman - The Wellspring of Life:   What's  Happening with Groundwater in the EUP
  10-02 Dr. John Lehman, LSSU - Edible Plants in the EUP
  11-11 Jack Cook - Hawks
  12-04 Joanne Fleming - Ecological   Christmas
  01-15 Floyd Byerly , TLG Chair - Sugar Island and the Chase Osborn Preserve
  02-05 Bob  Day - Lake Superior  Bi-National Program
  02-19 Sustainable Energy Teleconference and Panel Discussion,  Co-sponsored by TLG and LSSU
  03-05 Greg Soulliere, DNR - Moose
  04-02 Janet and Bryce Smith - Northeast Oregon:   A Land of Many Uses
  05-07 Neil Moran - Gardening in the UP
  09-22 Lenny Kohn - The Last Great  Wilderness   Slide Presentation
  10-08 Ann Woiwode, Sierra Club - Biodiversity /Forestry Issues
  11-05 Bob Knudson, Sault College - Sandhill Cranes and Peregrine Falcons
  12-03 Tim Lynham - Fire in the Tall Pines
  01-21 Recreational Opportunites in the HNF
  02-04 Terry Seidel - Nature Conservancy
  03-11 Nyes – Organic Gardening in the UP
  04-01 Bob Olsgard, Lake Superior Alliance - Discussion of Lake Superior zero discharge issues
  09-16 Michelle Ribant, LSSU - Hazardous Waste
  10-20 Candidates Forum
  11-04 Walt Summer -Frog and Toad  Survey
  12-02 Rick Meisterheim, Wago Peace Farm - Sustainable  Economics
    Programs Co - sponsored by LSSU Environmental  Awareness  Club
  01-13 Tom Weise, DNR, Dist.  4  Wildlife  Biologist - Endangered  Species
  02-03 Seldon Collins, USDA Soil Conservation Dist. - Land Fragmentation in Bruce  Twp.
  03-03 Ken Gebhardt, Fisheries Biologist - Exotic Species in the Great Lakes and Importance of 
  Native Species
  04-21 Sue Harrison,  author Another Way of Thinking - Learning from the Alleuts
  09-15 Dennis Haessley - Cowbird Invasion
  10-13 Steve Christianson, USFS District Ranger - Importance of Forest Planning
  11-03 David Trowbridge, Sault College - Eau  Revoir Lake  Superior
  12-07 Tom Weise, Wildlife  Biologist,  DNR - The  Lynx  in Michigan
    Terry  Morse,  US  Fish and Wildlife - Sea  Lamprey Management
  02-15 Special Event:  Earth Reflection with Annemarie Askwith
  03-07 Helen  Taylor, Dir. of Michigan Chapter of the Nature  Conservancy - Vision  for Conservation in 
  04-04 Floyd Byerly  - Kayaking  101
  04-12 Annual  MI Environmental Health Assoc . Conference
  09-12 Floyd Byerly - Kayaking  102
  10-03 Mark Jaunzens, USFS Plant Biologist - Ecosystems  and Plants  of the Hiawatha National Forest
  11-07 Dave Maerchklein, USDA Forest  Planner - Starting a New Forest Plan    -
  12-05 Mark Hodgkins, USDA Fish  & Wildlife Service - Wetlands and Endangered  Species
  Programs:  Co-sponsored by LSSU Environmental Awareness Club
  01-09 Prof. Lou Brown, LSSU - Geology of the St. Mary's River
  02-06 Ed Halquist, Corp of Engineers - History of Dredging the St. Mary's River
  03-06 EUP Conservation Design Task Force and Rod Cortright MSU Extension - An  Alternative to Sprawl
  04-10 John Rohe,  Author - Population and Conservation
  09-20 Floyd  Byerly - Safe Paddling in Wind and Waves and Annual   potluck  picnic
  10-04 Professor Judy Westrick , LSSU - Algal Toxins in the Water  and You
  11-01 Janet and Bryce Smith - The Outer Banks of Barrier Island, NC
  12-06 Professor Barb Keller - The Berkley Pitt in Montana   (worst superfund site)
  01-17 Professor John Lenters, LSSU - Global Warming:  Impacts on the Great Lakes Region
  02-07 Dusty King, Chippewa/E. Mackinac Conservation District - Local Native  Plant and Seed  Coop
  03-14 Professor Marshall Warner - Human Genome  Project
  04-04 Professor Eileen Jokinen, LSSU - Spring Ponds
  04-12 Annemarie Askwith and Diane Meyer - Council of All Beings Retreat
  09-12 Sierra Club Video and Annual potluck at LSSU
  10-17 Bob Brister - Wild Utah:  America's Bedrock  Wilderness
  11-07 Dr. Greg Zimmerman - Invasive Plants
  12-05 Dr. Alex Litinov , LSSU - Lake  Baikel  in  S.  Siberia
  01-15 Dr. William Castor, LSSU - The US and the Middle  East
  04-03 Professor John Erkkila, LSSU - Economics and Natural Resources
  09-11 A Participatory Reading of the History of North America - joint event with Environmental Awareness 
  Club and the Sociology Club, LSSU.
  10-02 Tim McKee, Dir., Chippewa County Emergency Services Disaster Preparedness in 
  Chippewa County.
  11-06 Walt Summers - Bats in Michigan
  12-04 Dr. Gerald Dobbertin, LSSU - Myth of the Liberal Press
  01-15 Dr. William Castor, LSSU - Considerations of a Current Political  Issue
  02-05 Dean Sandell - Opportunities in Great Lakes Water Trail Network for Paddlers
  03-04 Walt Summers - Wetland Enhancement Design
  04-01 Elections 2004:  Impact on our National Capital - Sierra Club  video  and discussion
  09-11 A Walk in the Woods with Tim Flynn, Sierra Club Forestry Specialist
  10-01 A Forum on the Environment and the Presidential Election - co- sponsored by TLG and the LSSU 
  Fish and Wildlife Club.
  11-11 Doug Munson, Co-sponsored by TLG, Fish & Wildlife Club and Sociology Club of LSSU - 
  12-09 Steve Sjogren, USFS Biologist - Kirtland Warblers in the UP
  Programs:  Co-sponsored by the LSSU Fish & Wildlife Club
  01-13 Mike Ripley, Environmental Coordinator for Inter-Tribal \Fisheries and Chippewa/Ottawa Resource
  Authority Connection Between the Bi-National Program, St. Mary's River  RAP  and  local  
  Habitat Restoration Needs.
  02-10 Cynthia Pryor, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, Sulfide Mining in the Western UP
  03-10 Dr. Barb Keller, LSSU - Current Sediment Quality in the St. Mary's River Area of Concern
  04-14 David Kronk, National Park Service - Slide Presentation on Pictured Rocks   National Lakeshore
  09-08 Dr. John Lehman, LSSU - Mushroom Walk
  10-06 Jennifer Silverston - The Future of Energy is Blowing in the Wind
  11-03 Nancy Warren, Timber Wolf Alliance - Wolves in the Great Lakes Region
  12-04 Wanda Perron, Bay Mills Tribe - History and Legends of the Local  Chippewa Culture
  01-12 Dr. Dave Szlag, LSSU - Water Quality Monitoring in the EUP
  02-02 Jennifer Dale, Bay Mills Tribe - Lake Superior Whitefish Project
  03-02 Pat Carr, USDA, Project Director - Sault Ste. Marie Watershed Project
  04-06 Dave Kronck - Education Director at Pictured RocksNational Lakeshore America's National Parks
  09-14 Bill Robbins, Author - Steel Mills, Minerals, Air and Your  Health
  10-26 An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore's Video documenting global  warming co-sponsored by LSSU  
  Sociology Club.
  11-09 Beth Hronck, Prof of Public Service, LSSU - Rambling Through the Western National Parks
  12-14 Christine Perrault, Groundwater Tech., Groundwater Stewardship Program - Water Quality and 
  How You Can Protect It.
  01-18 Dave Cooper, Kentucky Sierra Club - Mountaintop Removal of Coal
  02-08 Dave Szlag, LSSU - Utah’s Canyon Country & National Parks of the Four Corners
  03-15 Annemarie Askwith - Introduction to the United Nations Charter
  04-12 Derek Heubner, USFS - Secret Lives of Fishers and Martens
  05-23 “Thirst” - Documentary Film on Privatization of Water around the World
  10-24 “Crude Awakening” - Documentary Film on Oil
  12-05 “Kilowatt Ours” - Documentary Film on energy
  03-12 “Range Wars” – Film
  04-09 Clayton Daughenbaugh, Midwest Field Organizer for the S. Utah Wilderness Alliance - An 
  American Icon:  Utah’s 
  Red Rock Canyonlands  -  Robert Redford narrated slide show,  followed by speaker
  04-26 Earth Day Presentation “Garden Insects” - Film
  09-23 Ted Curry, Certified Residential Site Assessor - Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
  10-28 Marvin Roberson, Forest Policy Specialist with Michigan Sierra  Club - The Future of Our Forests:  
  Should We Burn Them Up?
  02-21 “Oil on Ice” – Film
  04-14 A Klein, Area Engineer, Corp of Engineers, Sault Locks - Powerpoint  presentation on Water Levels 
  in the Great Lakes and Their Impact on the Area
  05-26 “The Future of Food” - film about food production and genetically modified food
  07-11 Mackinac Chapter Ex. Com. meeting at Bayview Campground: working on Chapter Strategic  Plan.
  10-08 “Out of Balance”  - Film regarding Exxon’s effort to debunk  global  warming.
  11-12 Presentation by Pat Egan on the Mascoma Ethanol Project in Kinross.
  02-12 “Addicted to Plastic” - Documentary Film about plastics around the world and how they affect ecology
  04-12 “The Age of Stupid” - Documentary /Drama/Animation about climate change and what the world 
  will be like.
  05-27 Carl and Diane Meyer - Slide presentation on Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument within Gila
  National Forest in New Mexico.
  09-07 Dave Bourgeault, owner of Pro Sports Bicycle Shop - Potluck and presentation on Bicycle 
  Repair and Maintenance.
  10-14 “Food, Inc.” - Documentary film on the nation’s food industry
  11-11 Pat Egan - Powerpoint presentation and discussion on Frontier Renewables / Mascoma  project
  02-10 “Gasland” - Film on hydraulic fracturing
  03-10 “Astroturf Wars”- video about corporations providing funds to grassroots groups.
  04-14 DilLan Carr, Anthropologist - Local Archaeology
  09-08 Anne Woiwode, Director of Mackinac Chapter of Sierra Club - Creating Michigan’s Future:  
  The Role Environmentalists Must Play.
  10-13 Pat Egan - Frontier Renewables Energy (Mascoma) Project, updating the status of the project, 
  followed by a discussion of the impact of the project on the local area.
  11-10 Dr. Geoffrey Steinhart, LSSU Assoc. Prof. - Great Lakes Invaders: The Good, The Bad, and 
  the Ugly.
  02-23 Dr. Greg Zimmerman, LSSU - The First Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Symphony
  03-08 “Growth Busters:  Hooked on Growth” - Documentary examining the beliefs and behaviors which 
  prevent us from becoming a sustainable civilization.
  04-12 “Carbon Nation” – Film on Climate Change Solutions
  09-13 Elizabeth Shaffer - We’ve Been Fracked:  My Experience and What I’ve Learned Living in the Heart 
  of the Pennsylvania Fracking District
  10-06 Harvest Dinner featuring local food and guest speaker Natasha Lanz. On “Mindful Eating: Eating
  Healthy for Ourselves and the Planet .
  10-11 Dr. Derek Wright, LSSU - Climate Change and Its Impacts in the Great Lakes Region
  10-18 “Getting Real About Food and the Future” - Michigan documentary film by Chris Bedford
  11-08 Teri Foust - Solar Power in the EUP